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Unlock and Drive Your Business Prosperity

Grow Your Business • Close More Sales • Better Bottom Line Results

Your business will experience progress in the first 3 sessions and attain ongoing, continuous improvement with each new session.

This 12-session live training program teaches your sales team to perform at a higher level and capitalize on every lead.

We train your team to create fresh opportunities, run around the competition, and shorten the sales cycle to better serve your customers.

Uplevel Your Sales Training Program

12 Live Training Sessions
You and your team interact with our smiling faces in every session. We engage in the moment, mentoring to break though road blocks and get you on the right track.

Exercises, Worksheets, and Workbooks
Your program includes all of our premium worksheets and secret processes that we use throughout our time together. This gives you a leg up on the competition, with tested shortcuts to achieve your goals.

Templates and Resources
Our valuable tools unlock opportunities for immediate improvements. Gain powerful bonus information for deep-dive insights to supercharge your sales cycle.

Access to Recorded Video of Each Session
Want or need to review the session again? We’ve got you covered. Each one of our exclusive sessions is recorded (with your permission), providing you with unlimited access.

Transcripts for Every Session
Heard the PERFECT idea, call to action, or pitch? Your session transcript is ready to copy, paste, and use to grab the attention of your prospects.

Collaboration and Support for Growth
We thrive on coming up with plans which align with your big goals and objectives. Every time we’re together, we help position you and your team for growth that will bring reward, recognition, and achievement.

A Team Who is as Smart and Capable as You
We are invested in your success. We always put 110% of our brilliance to work to magnify yours. And we’ve always got your back!



Your drive is to relentlessly capitalize on opportunities. You reject complacency and focus on innovative thinking to prosper. Adding us to your team delivers greater impact, best practices, and the secret sauce that will set your business apart.

Working with us, you will experience a new injection of energy, strategy, and creativity, which is exactly what is needed to take YOUR sales team to a new level.

We deliver a rapid, proven solution to guide your sales team to increased long-term results and sustainable growth.




You get your own recipe to success! We know that a cookie cutter approach equals cookie cutter results! Which is why the only cookie cutters you’ll find with us are the ones we use to bake actual cookies. #yummm.


You can trust our integrity. We only work with people when we know we can get you real results.


You’ll always know I’ve got your back. If something isn’t working, we’ll work together to tweak, test, and pivot!


You and your goals are treated with care, warmth, and respect. We’ll collaborate and support you to come up with plans in line with your objectives.


You’ll love our team who are as smart and capable as you. We all put our brilliance to work to magnify yours.


You will always be supported and hear our middle-of-the-night brainwaves! There’s is no off switch to your goals, or our ideas and strategy fountains.



The training and working with Lynn and her team has been so impactful for us. One thing I love about the program is that Lynn knows what works today. And because Lynn works with some really large, prestigious organizations, she has access to intel that the average business owner does not have. Lynn and her team bring an expertise that is just really hard to figure out when you are soloing your own sales activities. I am so very grateful for what they teach and the leadership Lynn brings to working with our sales team.

Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of Up My Influence


Lynn helped us increase our sales 29% in one year, strengthen our client relationships, and expand our brand awareness without impacting our customer acquisition cost.

Kevin Lombardo, CEO of DORN


Lynn is so thorough that everyone is always so impressed. I relied on her strong sales and project management skills.

I was so impressed with her that I recruited her a couple of additional times. I have asked her to help me lead and manage other companies.

She is smart, works well with others and you can always rely on her to get results.

Keith Larson, CFO/CBO of Allhealth Network